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Hurry hurry little car Rush through the traffic and dont get hit or smash into any other vehicles on the way You will sweep by t…

Tooncar - step on it


2019/04/03 02:20:01


Hurry hurry little car!
Rush through the traffic and dont get hit or smash into any other vehicles on the way!
You will sweep by trycks, motorcycles and cars in various speeds and the main goal is to collect as many points as possible
wich you will earn by driving as far as possible (without crashing)
So can you reach the target?
Simply press on the sides of the screen to turn and off you go!
Listen to the swedish artist Rasmus Gozzi while you are driving away in Tooncar!
NO ads
NO in apppurchases!
100% pure play – so grab yourselve a bargain today




Tooncar – step on it

リリース日時 2016-06-13T23:15:07Z
価格 Free
開発 Torkel Fredrikke
販売元 Torkel Fredrikke
カテゴリ Games Arcade Racing Games Arcade Racing
バージョン 1.0
レーティング 4+
サイズ 59,968,512 バイト
最低iOSバージョン 6.0

Tooncar - step on it