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The Governments eenvoy promised in a recent FT article that public services will be online by 2005 target By the end of 2002 tak…

Implementing e-Government


The Government’s e-envoy promised in a recent FT article that ‘public services will be on-line by 2005 target’. By the end of 2002 taking these services online will have cost £3 billion. The task involved is huge, both in terms of human and IT resources. Implementing e-Government is a ‘must-have’ guide to consultants and civil servants charged with the process. Gloria Evans provides advice and background for addressing the issues at hand and provides the key building blocks for planning, designing and implementing a workable strategy. The book includes: ¢ A comparison of the where we were, where we are now and where we need to get to; ¢ An explanation of each of the key drivers behind the process; ¢ A detailed model of the building blocks needed; ¢ Guidance on how to work across departments and agencies; ¢ An overview of the various sources of advice and influence; ¢ An explanation of the main e-Government technologies; ¢ A step-by-step blueprint for planning and implementing the process from scratch. The main text uses a working medical services case study to illustrate how the outcomes of the various stages might be seen and measured and there is a set of 11 scenarios which put the e-Government process into a range of contexts.


Implementing e-Government

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Implementing e-Government