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Lucky Rice


O, The Oprah Magazine‘s Cookbook of the Month
Yahoo! Food’s Cookbook of the Week

In Lucky Rice, Danielle Chang, founder of the festival of the same name—which brings night markets, grand feasts, and dumpling-making sessions to America’s biggest cities—feeds our obsession for innovative Asian cuisine through 100 recipes inspired by a range of cultures. 

Here, comfort foods marry ancient traditions with simple techniques and fresh flavors—and include a few new classics as well: chicken wings marinated in hot Sichuan seasonings; sweet Vietnamese coffee frozen into pops; and one-hour homemade kimchi that transforms pancakes, tacos, and even Bloody Marys. With a foreword by Lisa Ling, this lushly photographed cookbook brings the fun and flavors of modern Asian cooking to your kitchen.

From the Hardcover edition.


Lucky Rice

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Lucky Rice