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今回の高額アプリは、「Archipad Classic」¥74,800です。

Archipad Classic


2018/10/13 00:46:32


Archipad Classic is a one time purchase and does not include Archipad Cloud services nor Premium features such as plan versions, cloud project editing, Archipad.mobi access, observations comments and all new Premium features .

If you prefer a Premium service with everything included, you can download Archipad (red icon) instead for free in the AppStore and upgrade to Premium using an In app Purchase.

Archipad is the new way to manage your on-site meetings, and the easiest way to write down observations, removing many fastidious steps in the process. Archipad allows you to easily create punch lists, and allows you to send a report, the punch list and drawings with item locations, directly from the site. No need to go back to the office to prepare minutes and reports, no more losing precious hours formatting your documents.

Archipad is created for construction professionals, architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, assistants, promoters, … Archipad Classic on iPad offers a unique and easy to use solution to manage observations, punch lists, drawings, and meetings. The iPad is what we all have been waiting for to do on-site visits, witch even if they last all day, your iPad will not run out of battery when correctly charged at start.

Archipad Classic strong points: – User friendly and extremely simple to use: no training required, – Optimize your time and use the iPad as a data entry tool, pointing observations directly on plans and drawings, and reduced typing with our auto-enhancing typing reducer: as you add observations, Archipad will learn your vocabulary and sentences and propose auto completion, the smart way, – A flat fee and moderate price. You will know what you pay up front, and will not be billed by the project or number of hours used. In just a couple of meetings your purchase will pay back by the time you saved, – Reports with punch lists with drawings indicating the locations of each observation can be made per work package or per drawing, making it easy to read for all those working on the project, whether they’re contractors or architects.

The reports have been thought as actual meeting minutes, by allowing each person attending the meeting to sign a presence sheet your reports will show the signature of all attendances.


From construction to delivery – one tool for all • Manage construction site meetings • Organize your observations and retentions • Reduce the time to enter observations

Information management • Send out the report at the end of the meeting • Keep track of previous visits • All your plans and drawings in one location

Tracking and managing the construction site • Point observations directly on your drawings • All your documents available to use on-site • A cost-effective tool for improved tracking of work




Archipad Classic

リリース日時 2011-09-01T07:00:00Z
価格 ¥74,800
開発 Bigsool
販売元 Bigsool
カテゴリ 仕事効率化 ビジネス
バージョン 6.1.0
レーティング 4+
サイズ 93,012,992 バイト
最低iOSバージョン 10.0

Archipad Classic