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Audit Manager VDA 2016 / ¥10,400


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Audit Manager VDA 2016


2018/10/13 00:48:54


Updated with the new VDA-questionnaire and the possibility of auditing product groups and process steps! The Audit Manager Extended is a newly designed app to facilitate the work of the auditors used in business cases. With the iPad a new possibility to make your work more efficient and the process replaces files and paper. The app supports an auditor during preparation, execution and evaluation of an audit. The app gives you the opportunity to create and import your own customized questionnaires. The user manual guides you through the creation of a questionnaire and shows you how to fill the CSV- template (check the video at http://audit.bosch.com).

This version includes the newly created VDA 6.3 standard audit types VDA 6.3 process audit P2-P7 and VDA 6.3 potential analysis P1 with each of its questions, information as well as the rating and evaluation algorithm. Having this app on an iPad efficiently replaces files and paper which facilitates the auditor’s daily work.

Features: 1.Adhoc reporting 2.Handwriting recognition 3.Photo capture and editing (see attachment) 4.Index 5.Email dispatch, OPL-function, note pad, filter functions 6.PDF/excel audit report 7.Upload/download of documents via iTunes 8.Random upload of questionnaires for the generic VDA app

System Requirements iOS 10.x / iPad 4, mini, air, pro The software serves the auditing support of manufacturing development, process development or product development in accordance with VDA Volume 6, Part 3 Status 2016. Data can be used only by the user and the developer has no opportunity to access your data.




Audit Manager VDA 2016

リリース日時 2017-05-22T13:41:58Z
価格 ¥10,400
開発 Robert Bosch GmbH
販売元 Robert Bosch GmbH
カテゴリ ビジネス 教育
バージョン 2.3.2
レーティング 4+
サイズ 82,591,744 バイト
最低iOSバージョン 10.0

Audit Manager VDA 2016