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今回の高額アプリは、「B.O.S.S. EMV」¥29,800です。



2018/10/13 00:48:49


B.O.S.S. Business Operating Sales Service EMV for your iPad with map based scheduling and inventory control.

This is Business Management Software that runs on your iPad. No computers needed.

Formally Service in the Cloud enterprise software.

What do you want to know? Pending Sales, Inventory levels, What is on the schedule, Who owes us, Who do we owe, and much more.

When do you want to know it? Live 24/7 up to the second.

Download the Manger setup, and get a Free month of Scheduling and POS included.

iPad Application Supports up to 10,000,000 tablets at the same time. No Ethernet, No IT, No Servers All you need is WIFI or cellular iPad Stores your information on iCloud (iTunes Storage)

Super Map provides easy visual scheduling for service appointments Reports Calendar View of Schedule Custom Reports to sale or provide with your service Mileage Tracking Expense Reporting Track Prospective customers Customer Rewards Customer Notes Employee Todo’s (For the Employee Todo) i.e… Check Tire Pressure Employee Tasks (Tasks have a target and task) i.e… Contact all Inventory Control and Tracking Todo’s and Task have Time Date stamped when completed. Email and Text Marketing FaceBook and Twitter support Bar code reader and writer Inter system messaging Import Data from QuickBooks, Excel or any CSV file Designed for Sales and Distribution Unlimited Warehouse and Service Locations Built in Email customer support Drop Ship direct to customer Employee Scheduling Employee Expense Reporting Conformation email of schedule Gift Cards Employee Scratch pad Built in phone support

Contact Opportunity Software in system for support.

and a lot more.

New features constantly added $9.99 Per Tablet Per Month

1 tablet x 1 months = $9.99 12 months = $109.00 100 month = $899.00

Months can be shared between tablets on the same iTunes account.

You need an iTunes account and they handle the storage fees.

Contact Opportunity Software in App.

Security concerns?

Not only do you get Apple’s security we also take the empty field approach.

No Bank Account Numbers No Social Security Numbers

If there is nothing they can sell or use then there in nothing to steal.

More Details:

You get the setup system at all times. Then when your system is set up you purchase months to use the complete system. When you need more time or tablets, go to in-app purchase and buy the months you need.





リリース日時 2017-01-30T17:28:06Z
価格 ¥29,800
開発 James Stacy
販売元 James Stacy
カテゴリ ビジネス 仕事効率化
バージョン 6.0
レーティング 4+
サイズ 30,844,928 バイト
最低iOSバージョン 11.0