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DESCRIPTION BeeAlertFX makes your job easy for forex trading and raises your profit margin. Our experienced forex team work 24 hours and analyze the global markets for you. All you need is following our tips and sitting back. The application designed and developed to inform the users of forex markets.

PROPERTIES • Get 24/5 opportunities around the world. • It helps users to rotate the Emtia and endex • It helps users to see the notices at the main screen • Get 30 days free trial. • Signals are clear and understandable. • Get the notificaion even your application is closed. (Log in is required) • Signals for BRENT OIL, CRUDE OIL, DAX, DOW JONES. • Reach the highest profit percentage. • Create time for your own business or find another investment types.

START WITHOUT PAYMENT • Free trial of the application is limited with 30 days which starts at the time of download.

AUTOMATIC RENEWAL – Free trial of the application limited with 30 days which is the first month of the purchase – After the free trial period the charge for the service is 100 USD per a month – The fee for the membership is valid for a month and it renews itself automatically unless the users devices settings is not turned off for automatic renewals. -The application renews itself 24 hours before the end of each month automatically unless the automatic renewal settings is not turned off at the users device. Application fee is 100 USD for each month. – Your payment will be taken via the online mobile market which you use at your device after the confirmation of your purchase. – Your membership will be renewed 24 hours before the end of each period for you to continue for the next period – You can turn of your automatic renewal option at the account settings after your purchase – You can benefit from the information which will be send out via BeeAlertfx for the next 30 days after your purchase. – There are no maximum or minimum limits for the information notifications which will be send out via BeeAlertfx -Users can only download and benefit the free trial period for 30 days with their unique user ID and can not download the application more than one time with their device and unique ID -Membership can not be cancelled for the duration of active membership period. BeeAlertfx continuous to send the information and notifications relates to forex markets up until the payment period completed – The users who make the membership payment in advance during their free trial activates the membership period and ends the free trial period unconditionally.

All you need to do is ; • Download the app. • Log in via e-mail, facebook or twitter. • Receive our signal for 30 days free. • Use the signals for demo account before start trading. • When you make sure BeeAlertFX is good enough for you then start trading.

Start Now and enjoy our profitable signals.

  • Terms of use : www.beealertfx.com/termsofuse.html





リリース日時 2016-06-15T18:09:28Z
価格 ¥11,800
開発 Baris Bilmez
販売元 Baris Bilmez
カテゴリ ビジネス ファイナンス
バージョン 1.2
レーティング 4+
サイズ 5,744,640 バイト
最低iOSバージョン 8.0